What They Says

Love the fact that you don't need an appointment (I do things when I have time) & it's never a problem, you guys are always ready!! I must say that all of you gentlemen are gifted and I appreciate the gentleness and patience you provide to the kids!

Marilyn, Customer

You guys are absolutely great my mom my two sons along with myself came in this past weekend. ...great customer service and a great cut doesn't really matter what barber cuts you they are all equally talented!

Tennille, Customer

I get my haircut for all of my important events here. Mike has cut my hair now for about 9 years. His customer service is amazing, he goes above and beyond to accommodate my schedule even if that sometimes means being in the shop super early. Great Barbers, Great Shop, Great Customers....a Great Place.

Anderson, Customer

Can't stop praising Friendly Faces. My 13 y.o. has aspergers and is hard to cut but Kurt is AMAZING. SO patient with him and Luke always leaves the shop looking good!! Plus, Luke loves to go there because that's "where men go!" Everyone who works there is so unbelievably kind (i LOVE the manager!) and patient and I am beyond grateful for that! Plus, my kids finally have a haircut that has personality and style. Thank you for making my two socially awkward boys look good (and feel good about themselves!)

Zolan, Customer

Amazing service for kids here! Both of the barbers I've seen were patient, kind and professional.

Hymanot, Customer

I really enjoy getting my hair cut at Friendly Faces. Shout out to Sharah for guaranteeing an awesome fade and fin every single time! She was the first barber to cut my hair there, got it right the first time, and has been perfecting it ever since

Washington, Customer

We have been taking our 4 year old son to see Tyrone for a year now. He never let's us down. Tyrone is so great with Braxton and he ALWAYS looks fresh when we leave. We love Friendly Faces

Somers, Customer

Mike Pierre is one of the best barbers I have seen and me myself being a licensed barber for over a decade and have had the opportunity to work with him can honestly say you will be pleased with his work if you patronize his shop, treat yourself to a haircut experience you wont forget Mike is a awesome barber/stylist :).

Wiggins, Customer

The people were friendly. the prices were reasonable. It was a great experience all the way around.

Ogwo, Customer

For the best cut in the DMV area, stay fresh with friendly faces barbershop.

Howard, Customer